Effects on Health.

Clinical Study Title:
The effects of a multivitamin/mineral supplement on micronutrient status, antioxidant capacity and cytokine production in healthy older adults consuming a fortified diet.

Plain English Summary:
This study gave older adults either a placebo or a multivitamin daily in order to determine the effect of the multivitamin on the nutritional status in the adult. This study lasted for a total of 8 weeks, after which the body's level of nutrients was examined. After completion of the study, those participants who had been taking the multivitamin had much higher levels of many of the essential nutrients. This was true even for adults who indicated they were already eating folic fortified food. This suggests that especially in older adults, even with an already supplemented diet, the use of a daily multivitamin can help them to obtain optimal nutrient status.
McKay DL. Perrone G. Rasmussen H. Dallal G. Hartman W. Cao G. Prior RL. Roubenoff R. Blumberg JB.
Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, Boston, Massachusetts 02111, USA.
Country of Publication
United States
Journal of the American College of Nutrition. 19(5):613-21, 2000 Oct.

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