Vitamin A

Immune Function.

Clinical Study Title:
Vitamin A--functions, dietary requirements and safety in humans.

Plain English Summary:
Vitamin A has been linked to many beneficial effects for people. It has been recently associated with improved immune system responses, particularly for measles and HIV infections. The recommended dosing for vitamin A is different in each country, so a general recommendation is hard to make. Low income families are often prone to risk of vitamin A deficiency, as well as people on weight loss diets. Vitamin A supplementation is usually well tolerated and studies done with amounts in excess of the daily allowance have shown that there is not a carcinogenic risk, and that even these doses are well tolerated by people. Deficiency of vitamin A is important, as it can cause night blindness. The use of supplements can protect against this, as well as help to build immune system responses.
Gerster H.
Vitamin Research Department, F. Hoffman-La Roche Ltd., Basel, Switzerland.
Country of Publication
International Journal for Vitamin & Nutrition Research.

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