Vitamin B1

Heart Faliure.

Clinical Study Title:
Severe metabolic acidosis and heart failure due to thiamine deficiency.

Plain English Summary:
A case study was done on a male who had thiamine deficiency and related heart failure and metabolic acidosis. His admission to the hospital was based on dyspnea. Tests were conduceted which concluded in the diagnosis of the heart failure and acidosis, and a thiamine deficiency was determined based on blood levels. Treatment with thiamine resulted in a cease to the heart failure. This suggests that thiamine supplementation should be considered in most patients who present with any form of heart failure or acidosis.
Ozawa H. Homma Y. Arisawa H. Fukuuchi F. Handa S.
Department of Internal Medicine, Tokai University Oiso Hospital, Oiso, Japan.
Country of Publication
United States
Nutrition. 17(4):351-2, 2001 Apr.

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