Vitamin B1

Deficiency in the Elderly.

Clinical Study Title:
The response to treatment of subclinical thiamine deficiency in the elderly.

Plain English Summary:
In this study, thiamine supplements or a placebo were given to an elderly population to determine the effect of thiamine supplements on overall health. Everyone in the thiamine supplement group improved the blood levels of thiamine. Those participants who were severely deficient and received thiamine reported an improvement in their quality of life, while they also had a decrease in the systolic measure of blood pressure, as well as some weight loss. Many participants receiving thiamine also reported improved sleep and increase energy. Those people who suffer from thiamine deficiency then will benefit from thiamine supplements, and can improve their overall life.
Wilkinson TJ. Hanger HC. Elmslie J. George PM. Sainsbury R.
Department of Health Care of the Elderly, Princess Margaret Hospital, Christchurch, New Zealand.
Country of Publication
United States
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 66(4):925-8, 1997 Oct.

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