Vitamin B1


Clinical Study Title:
A 3 year case study of alcohol related psychotic disorders at Hospital Seremban.

Plain English Summary:
Many people who are alcoholic will suffer various forms of psychosis due to the disease. Over a span of 3 years, all patients who were admitted to a psychiatric ward with alcohol related psychosis were evaluated. The psychosis was evaluated, as well as a family history of alcohol dependence, and the drinking history. The majority of patients had a family history and was suffering from auditory hallucinations. Thiamine supplements were administered to all patients, among other medications. All patients but one responded to the treatment. This suggests that thiamine deficiency plays a role in psychological problems related to alcoholism. A thiamine supplement is effective at helping to correct these psychological issues.
George S. Chin CN
Department of Psychiatry, Hospital Seremban, Kuala Lumpur.
Country of Publication
Medical Journal of Malaysia. 53(3):223-6, 1998 Sep.

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