Vitamin B12

Breast Disease.

Clinical Study Title:
Dietary and reproductive factors associated with benign breast disease in Mexican women.

Plain English Summary:
This study looked at the relationship between diet and benign breast disease among Mexican women. There were a total of 121 women matched with women without breast disease and compared diet and reproductive factors. The consumption of fruit and diary products were associated with a lower risk of benign breast disease. In addition those women who consumed more of the vitamin b12 also had a lowered risk of benign breast disease. The b12 vitamin then is associated with a risk reduction of breast disease.
Galvan-Portillo M. Torres-Sanchez L. Lopez-Carrillo L.
Mexico National Institute of Public Health, CP 62508, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.
Country of Publication
United States
Nutrition & Cancer. 43(2):133-40, 2002.

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