Vitamin B12

Deficiency and Dementia.

Clinical Study Title:
Vitamin B12 deficiency in dementia and cognitive impairment: the effects of treatment on neuropsychological function.

Plain English Summary:
There is a well established link between a vitamin b12 deficiency and dementia, but there are not many studies that look at the use of vitamin b12 to treat dementia. This study examined the use of vitamin b12 to treat dementia and improve cognitive function. A total of 123 patients with dementia or cognitive impairment and low b12 levels in the blood participated in this study. The b12 supplements were not able to reverse the dementia, but it did appear to stop the worsening of the condition. Those patients with cognitive impairment and not dementia however did help to improve cognitive functioning. Vitamin b12 should be considered for all patients with dementia, as it can stop the progression of the dementia, and for patients with cognitive impairment, it can help to improve frontal lobe functioning.
Eastley R. Wilcock GK. Bucks RS.
Avon and Western Wiltshire Mental Health Care NHS Trust, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, UK.
Country of Publication
International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. 15(3):226-33, 2000 Mar.

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