Vitamin B12


Clinical Study Title:
Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Plain English Summary:
Cobalamin, or vitamin b12, is an essential nutrient that when the body becomes deficient in can result in some kinds of anemia, as well as causing certain neuropsychiatric disorders. Vitamin b12 has a role in other disorders too. Typically, blood levels are examined to determine deficiency, however, it is possible to be deficient and have normal b12 levels. Other tests can be run to determine deficiency, but these are often not done. Oral supplements of vitamin b12 are effective at correcting the deficiency, and a regular regime of dietary supplements is a safe and effective way to avoid deficiency.
Oh R. Brown DL.
U.S. Army Health Clinic, Darmstadt, Germany
Country of Publication
United States
American Family Physician. 67(5):979-86, 2003 Mar 1.

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