Vitamin B12

Oral vs. Injected.

Clinical Study Title:
Vitamin B12 injections versus oral supplements. How much money could be saved by switching from injections to pills?

Plain English Summary:
The cost effectiveness of using oral supplements of vitamin b12 versus the injection form of vitamin b12 was examined. The total cost of the injections of vitamin b12 was examined, using cost information about pharmacy costs, doctors' costs, lab costs, etc. The same evaluation was done for oral supplements. The cost for injections is far greater than the cost of oral supplements. An average of 16.3% difference exists in costs, and in the long term, the use of oral supplements is a cost effective means of achieving normal b12 levels.
Walraven C. Austin P. Naylor CD.
University of Ottawa.
Country of Publication
Canadian Family Physician. 47:79-86, 2001 Jan.

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