Vitamin B2


Clinical Study Title:
Riboflavin intakes and status of morbidly obese females during the first postoperative year following gastroplasty.

Plain English Summary:
This study looked at the use and effectiveness for a vitamin B2 supplement for patients who have had a gastroplasty. A total of 15 participants were included in this study. Half of the participants were given a placebo, while the other half was given vitamin b2 supplements every day for a year. Most of the participants had some deficiencies in vitamin B2 before the study. Those participants taking the vitamin B2 supplements received some nutritional benefit. This suggests that patients who have gastroplasty would benefit from a vitamin B2 supplement before and after surgery.
Turkki PR. Ingerman L. Schroeder LA. Chung RS. Chen M. Russo-McGraw MA. Dearlove J.
Department of Nutrition and Food Management, Syracuse University, New York 13244-1250.
Country of Publication
United States
Journal of the American College of Nutrition. 9(6):588-99, 1990 Dec.

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