Vitamin B2

Premature Babies.

Clinical Study Title:
Transient riboflavin depletion in preterm infants.

Plain English Summary:
The vitamin B2 levels in premature babies were measured. A total of 68 babies who were either breast fed or receiving a special formula were included in the study. The introduction of a multivitamin containing vitamin B2 was also examined. Those babies who received the supplement early enough were able to avoid becoming deficient in any vitamin. Those babies who were fed with breast milk and did not receive the supplement until a week later were often found to be deficient in vitamin B2. The use of breast milk may not provide enough vitamin B2 for infants. This suggests that for babies who are breast fed, a vitamin supplement containing vitamin B2 may be beneficial.
Lucas A. Bates C.
G. Sanarelli Hygiene Institute, La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy.
Country of Publication
Archives of Disease in Childhood. 59(9):837-41, 1984 Sep.

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