Vitamin B2

Levels in Adults.

Clinical Study Title:
Assessment of thiamin (vitamin B1) and riboflavin (vitamin B2) status in an adult Mediterranean population.

Plain English Summary:
This study examined the consumption of vitamin B1 and B2 among people living in the Mediterranean people. A total of 3390 people were asked to fill out a questionnaire pertaining to their dietary habits. Participants were also asked to give a small sample of blood to analyze the nutritional levels. The women were found to have poorer nutrition overall as compared to the men. Almost 5% of the population was found to be deficient for vitamin B2, and a little more than 6% were found to be deficient in vitamin B1. Almost 18% of men were receiving vitamin B2 below the daily recommended value, and almost 7.8% were below the vitamin B1 value. Almost 12% of women were deficient in vitamin B2 and almost 5% were deficient in vitamin B1. This suggests that a significant portion of the population of a Mediterranean city in Spain were found to have deficiencies in vitamins B1 and B2. A daily supplement has been found to be effective at overcoming these deficiencies.
Mataix J. Aranda P. Sanchez C. Montellano MA. Planells E. Llopis J.
Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology, University of Granada, E-18071 Granada, Spain.
Country of Publication
British Journal of Nutrition. 90(3):661-6, 2003 Sep.

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