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Clinical Study Title:
Long-term safety and efficacy of a once-daily niacin/lovastatin formulation for patients with dyslipidemia.

Plain English Summary:
The long term use of niacin for treating lipid disorders was examined in this study. The once a day niacin and lovastatin combination was given to 814 adults over the course of a year. Four different doses were given to the participants, and their levels of cholesterol were examined during the study. The combination drug had a dose dependant effect for most participants, and was well tolerated by almost everyone taking the drug. Niacin does not have adverse side effects associated with it, although mild side effects were seen in participants who were taking the combination. Overall, the drug was safe and effective, and the niacin added a positive contribution to the effects.
Kashyap ML. McGovern ME. Berra K. Guyton JR. Kwiterovich PO. Harper WL. Toth PD. Favrot LK. Kerzner B. Nash SD. Bays HE. Simmons PD.
Veterans Affairs Healthcare System, Long Beach, California 90822, USA.
Country of Publication
United States
American Journal of Cardiology. 89(6):672-8, 2002 Mar 15.

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