Vitamin B3

Beneficial for Heart Health.

Clinical Study Title:
Nicorandil. An updated review of its use in ischaemic heart disease with emphasis on its cardioprotective effects.

Plain English Summary:
Nicorandil is better known as Vitamin B3, and works on the potassium channels in the body and thus has an effect on the heart. Research with animals suggests that nicorandil has a protective effect for the heart. In humans, research to this point suggests a similar effect, and also helps to improve the amount of exercise tolerance a person with angina has. Additionally, nicorandil has been linked to improved overall myocardial function. For patients with angina, nicorandil, or vitamin B3, has shown to have substantial benefits. Additionally, vitamin B3 has been beneficial for any patient with any heart problem. Nicorandil has been proven to be beneficial to the heart for anyone using it as a supplement.
Markham A. Plosker GL. Goa KL.
Adis International Limited, Mairangi Bay, Auckland, New Zealand.
Country of Publication
New Zealand
Drugs. 60(4):955-74, 2000 Oct.

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