Vitamin B3

Anesthesia Recovery.

Clinical Study Title:
Nicorandil accelerates recovery of neuromuscular block caused by vecuronium.

Plain English Summary:
Often during the use of various anesthetizations, a neuromuscular block can occur. This study examined the effect of niacin on that blockage. Participants were placed either into a nicorandil group or a control group. The drug was administered along with the anesthesia. The block itself was not affected by the niacin, but the recovery from the neuromuscular block was significantly faster in the groups who received the nicorandil treatments. This supports the theory that nicorandil can aid in neuromuscular block recovery associated with anesthesia.
Saitoh Y. Kaneda K. Fujii Y. Oshima T.
Department of Anesthesiology, Fukushima Medical University School of Medicine, Japan.
Country of Publication
Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia. 48(1):28-33, 2001 Jan.

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