Vitamin B3

LDL Levels.

Clinical Study Title:
Niacin treatment of the atherogenic lipid profile and Lp(a) in diabetes.

Plain English Summary:
This study examined the effect of niacin on treating abnormal particle size for LDL cholesterol as well as the HDL2 percentage and lipidprotein(a) as well as looking at the effect on glycated haemoglobin. Various labs were run concerning the above items were run before administration of niacin and after treatment. The results supported the use of niacin for patients with diabetes for alleviating dyslipidemias, as well as using it in conjunction with an insulin treatment or a hypoglycemic agent. The niacin has a very positive and far reaching effect for all people, but especially for diabetics.
Pan J. Lin M. Kesala RL. Van J. Charles MA.
Diabetes Research Center, Tustin, CA, USA.
Country of Publication
Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism. 4(4):255-61, 2002 Jul.

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