Vitamin B3


Clinical Study Title:
Intravenous nicorandil prevents thiamylal-fentanyl-induced bronchoconstriction in humans.

Plain English Summary:
Research in animals has shown that nicorandil, or vitamin B3, has positive effects on asthma and a bronchorelaxant effect. This effect had not been seen in humans. This study attempted to find if nicorandil has a similar effect on humans. Thirty-six people were given either nicorandil or a placebo during the study. Measurements were then taken in the airway and lung activity of all the participants. Those participants in the nicorandil group did have improved airway functioning, and similar results to those of animals was seen. This suggests that nicorandil does have a positive effect on the bronchodilation in humans.
Wajima Z. Yoshikawa T. Ogura A. Imanaga K. Shiga T. Inoue T. Ogawa R.
Department of Anesthesia, Chiba Hokusoh Hospital, Nippon Medical School, Inba-gun, Japan.
Country of Publication
United States
Critical Care Medicine. 31(2):485-90, 2003 Feb.

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