Vitamin B3

Minor Heart Attacks.

Clinical Study Title:
Intravenous nicorandil in conjunction with coronary reperfusion therapy is associated with better clinical and functional outcomes in patients with acute myocardial infarction.

Plain English Summary:
Nicorandil, or vitamin B3, was studied in patients who have had a minor heart attack. A total of 272 patients with an acute heart attack were used in this study. A portion of the participants were given nicorandil, first through an IV, then in oral supplements. Those participants who received the nicorandil, heart function was improved over the group who did not receive any treatment of nicorandil. Those participants who received the nicorandil also had a lower recurrence of cardiac events than did the other group. Thus, nicorandil is a treatment for help in the recovery after an acute heart attack, and these benefits are sustained at long term intervals.
Sugimoto K. Ito H. Iwakura K. Ikushima M. Kato A. Kimura R. Tanaka K. Masuyama T. Ogihara T. Kawano S. Fujii K.
Division of Cardiology, Sakurabashi Watanabe Hospital, Osaka, Japan.
Country of Publication
Circulation Journal. 67(4):295-300, 2003 Apr.

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