Vitamin B3


Clinical Study Title:
Nicorandil infusion leads to good recovery from ischemia of left ventricular regional work in comparison with nitroglycerin.

Plain English Summary:
Nicorandil has been proven to have a nitrate effect in addition to having an effect on the potassium channels in the body. This study looked at the effects of the vitamin B3, or nicorandil, on patients with heart problems, specifically on the left ventricular work. Participants were given either nicorandil or nitroglycerin. The work of the heart was then measured and compared. After analysis, those patients who had been taking nicorandil had a better recorvey from the ischemia than the participants who were taking nitroglycerin. Nicorandil has a proven better effect for heart patients than traditional nitroglycerin.
Isobe N. Oshima S. Taniguchi K. Hoshizaki H. Adachi H. Toyama T. Naito S. Nogami A. Sugawara M.
Division of Cardiology, Gunma Prefectural Cardiovascular Center, Maebashi, Japan.
Country of Publication
Circulation Journal. 66(10):943-8, 2002 Oct.

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