Vitamin B5


Clinical Study Title:
Dexpanthenol (Ro 01-4709) in the treatment of constipation.

Plain English Summary:
Constipation can be a painful disorder to deal with and can often have very negative consequences. The use of vitamin B5 has been found to help to relieve constipation. A study examined the use of Ro 01-4709, a drug that contains vitamin B5 for treating constipation. Participants taking this drug had significant relief from constipation as compared to the group receiving the placebo. Other studies confirm both the use of vitamin B5 and Ro 01-4709 to help relieve constipation for all age groups.
Hanck AB. Goffin H.
Country of Publication
Acta Vitaminologica et Enzymologica. 4(1-2):87-97, 1982.

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