Vitamin B5

Treatment for Rhinitis.

Clinical Study Title:
Dexpanthenol nasal spray as an effective therapeutic principle for treatment of rhinitis sicca anterior.

Plain English Summary:
This study examined the effectiveness of a vitamin B5 supplement called dexpanthenol in treating rhinitis. A total of 48 participants who had been diagnosed with rhinitis were included in this study. Half of the participants received a nasal spray with the vitamin B5, while the other half only received a placebo. Those participants taking the vitamin B5 treatment reported minimal side effects, as well as an improvement in the condition over the group taking the placebo. This suggests that dexpanthenol is a safe and effective treatment for rhinitis and should be considered as an alternative to traditional medicines for this disorder.
Kehrl W. Sonnemann U.
Hals-Nasen-Ohrenklinik, Universitatskrankenhauses Hamburg-Eppendorf.
Country of Publication
Laryngo- Rhino- Otologie. 77(9):506-12, 1998 Sep.

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