Vitamin B6


Clinical Study Title:
Late-onset X-linked sideroblastic anemia following hemodialysis.

Plain English Summary:
This was a case study of an elderly patient who had been undergoing hemodialysis and developed sideroblastic anemia during the course of treatment. This is often a disorder that is X-linked and can be caused by deficiencies of various nutrients. The patient in this case was given oral supplements of vitamin b6, and her siderbasts were completely eliminated following this treatment. Further analysis into the condition showed a mutation in the gene, which altered the ability of the amino acid to respond, and accounted for the ability of the vitamin b6 to correct this disorder. This suggests that various deficiencies can bring forth the sideroblastic anemia, and that supplementation of vitamins can help to avoid this disorder, and to treat it, especially for patients who may be at risk for contracting it.
Furuyama K. Harigae H. Kinoshita C. Shimada T. Miyaoka K. Kanda C. Maruyama Y. Shibahara S. Sassa S.
Department of Molecular Biology and Applied Physiology, Tohoku University School of Medicine, Sendai, Japan.
Country of Publication
United States
Blood. 101(11):4623-4, 2003 Jun 1.

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