Vitamin B6

Reduction of Homocysteine Levels.

Clinical Study Title:
Vitamin supplementation during weight reduction--favourable effect on homocysteine metabolism.

Plain English Summary:
Elevations in homocysteine levels are a risk factor for many diseases. It has been found that while attempting to lose weight, the deficiencies of certain nutrients will often lead to an increase in homocysteine levels. This study looked at the use of a b-vitamin complex of b6, b12 and folate during weight reduction to help control the elevations in homocysteine levels. This study found that an adequate supplement of vitamin b6 and b12 can help to prevent homocysteine level increases during weight loss. This suggests the use of a daily vitamin supplement with b6 and b12 during weight loss periods to help maintain adequate health.
Henning BF. Tepel M. Riezler R. Gillessen A. Doberauer C.
Med. Klinik I, Univ.-Klinik Marienhospital, Herne, Germany
Country of Publication
Research in Experimental Medicine. 198(1):37-42, 1998 Jul.

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