Vitamin B6

Lung Cancer.

Clinical Study Title:
Association of the B-vitamins pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (B(6)), B(12), and folate with lung cancer risk in older men.

Plain English Summary:
This study looked at the association between consumption of folate, vitamin b12 and vitamin b6 and the rates of lung cancer. Comparisons of the levels of folate, vitamin b12 and vitamin b6 in the body were made between persons with lung cancer and healthy people matched for risk factors who did not have lung cancer. While no significant correlation between b12 and folate was found, a significant association between vitamin b6 and a risk reduction for lung cancer was found. This suggests that maintaining adequate levels of vitamin b6 can help to reduce the risk of lung cancer.
Hartman TJ. Woodson K. Stolzenberg-Solomon R. Virtamo J. Selhub J. Barrett MJ. Albanes D.
Department of Nutrition, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, USA.
Country of Publication
United States
American Journal of Epidemiology. 153(7):688-94, 2001 Apr 1.

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