Vitamin B6

Nerve Damage.

Clinical Study Title:
Vitamin B6 deficiency in elderly patients on chronic peritoneal dialysis.

Plain English Summary:
A deficiency in vitamin b6 can result in polyneuropathy. This study looked at the vitamin b6 intake and examinations and lab testing for 66 people suffering from chronic peritoneal dialysis. Symptoms of neuropathies were rated by participants. Supplementation of b6 was given to many patients reporting possible deficiencies. After taking the supplements for a month, the symptoms of the neuropathy were greatly reduced in many of the patients. This suggests that the use of a daily vitamin b6 supplementation may help to alleviate neuropathy associated with chronic peritoneal dialysis.
Moriwaki K. Kanno Y. Nakamoto H. Okada H. Suzuki H.
Department of Nephrology, Saitama Medical School, Japan.
Country of Publication
United States
Advances in Peritoneal Dialysis. 16:308-12, 2000.

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