Vitamin C

Choesterol Levels.

Clinical Study Title:
Six-year effect of combined vitamin C and E supplementation on atherosclerotic progression: the Antioxidant Supplementation in Atherosclerosis Prevention (ASAP) Study.

Plain English Summary:
This study looked at the use of vitamin E in conjunction with vitamin C to help to slow the progression of diseases of the heart. A total of 520 participants were enrolled in the study. The progression of atherosclerosis was monitored in all participants during the course of the study. Those participants who were deficient in vitamin C had more benefit from the supplementation in terms of cholesterol levels and slowing progression of heart disease. The use of both vitamin E and vitamin C provided some benefit from the progression of heart disease and helped to improve cholesterol levels.
Salonen RM. Nyyssonen K. Kaikkonen J. Porkkala-Sarataho E. Voutilainen S. Rissanen TH. Tuomainen TP. Valkonen VP. Ristonmaa U. Lakka HM. Vanharanta M. Salonen JT. Poulsen HE. Antioxidant Supplementation in Atherosclerosis Prevention Study.
Research Institute of Public Health, University of Kuopio, Finland.
Country of Publication
United States
Circulation. 107(7):947-53, 2003 Feb 25.

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