Vitamin C

Cell Production.

Clinical Study Title:
Serum markers variation consistent with autoschizis induced by ascorbic acid-menadione in patients with prostate cancer.

Plain English Summary:
Previous research has shown that vitamin C is able to kill off cancerous cells in the prostate by autoschizis. This same thing has been seen in animal studies, where the mice have been exposed to malignant prostate cells. This study looked at the correlation of prostate cancer cells to homocysteine levels. Administration of vitamin C in the early stages of this study showed a marked improvement in the number of cells, suggesting that the vitamin C was able to kill off cancer cells in these patients as well. This suggests that early administration of vitamin C can help to treat prostate cancer, and help to kill off the malignant cells in the body.
Lasalvia-Prisco E. Cucchi S. Vazquez J. Lasalvia-Galante E. Golomar W. Gordon W.
School of Medicine, University of Uraguay, Montevideo, Uriguay.
Country of Publication
United States
Medical Oncology. 20(1):45-52, 2003.

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