Vitamin C

Cancer Cell Death.

Clinical Study Title:
The association of vitamins C and K3 kills cancer cells mainly by autoschizis, a novel form of cell death. Basis for their potential use as coadjuvants in anticancer therapy.

Plain English Summary:
This study looked at the role of vitamin C and vitamin K in cancer cell death. It is believed that a deficiency in these two vitamins is related to the inability to kill off cancer cells in their early stages. A daily supplement of vitamin C and K can help to initiate the cell death of the cancerous cells. These vitamins are able to do this through various mechanisms, and their exact function is unknown. It is however believed that the use of vitamins C and K in early treatment of cancer can help to increase odds of eliminating the cancer cells.
Verrax J. Cadrobbi J. Delvaux M. Jamison JM. Gilloteaux J. Summers JL. Taper HS. Buc Calderon P.
Unite de Pharmacocinetique, Metabolisme, Nutrition et Toxicologie, Departement des sciences pharmaceutiques, Universite Catholique de Louvain, Brussels, Belgium.
Country of Publication
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 38(5):451-7, 2003 May.

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