Vitamin D

Back Pain.

Clinical Study Title:
Vitamin D deficiency and chronic low back pain in Saudi Arabia.

Plain English Summary:
This study looked at the role of vitamin D in low back pain. Participants ranged in age from 15-52 and suffered from chronic back pain that had no apparent cause. These participants were examined to determine if there was a link between vitamin D deficiencies that may be causing the back pain. Vitamin D supplementation was used to try to treat the back pain. This study found that vitamin D deficiency is a possible cause of low back pain, and that daily supplementation of vitamin D can help to alleviate this deficiency and the low back pain.
Al Faraj S. Al Mutairi K.
Department of Medicine, Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital
Country of Publication
United States
Spine. 28(2):177-9, 2003 Jan 15.

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