Vitamin D

Bone Loss.

Clinical Study Title:
Protective effect of short-tem calcitriol or cyclical etidronate on bone loss after cardiac or lung transplantation.

Plain English Summary:
This study looked at the effect of different nutrients at helping to prevent bone loss after organ transplants. Bone loss is a risk factor after transplants of heart and/or lung. A total of 41 participants were given either daily calcitrol or etidronate with calcium. The bone mineral density of all participants was measured 18 months following their transplant. Both the calcitrol and the etidronate were found to reduce the bone loss after transplants. This suggests that vitamin D is as good as etidronte at preventing bone loss, and should be considered as a cost effective alternative after transplants.
Henderson K. Eisman J. Keogh A. MacDonald P. Glanville A. Spratt P. Sambrook P.
Bone and Mineral Research Program
Country of Publication
United States
Journal of Bone & Mineral Research. 16(3):565-71, 2001 Mar.

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