Vitamin D

Calcium for Women.

Clinical Study Title:
The health economics of calcium and vitamin D3 for the prevention of osteoporotic hip fractures in Sweden.

Plain English Summary:
This study looked at the cost effectiveness of using a combination of vitamin D and calcium for older women. The use of a calcium-vitamin D combination is projected to help in decreasing the risk of fractures by 27%. Taking into account how using a daily supplement can reduce costs to repair fractures, the daily supplement then is a preferred alternative. This is especially true for older women, but projections also support the use of a daily supplement for younger women, as it too has cost effective basis. The use of a daily supplement can maintain health and keep costs down by helping to prevent medical and unwanted incidents.
Willis MS.
Swedish Institute for Health Economics.
Country of Publication
International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care. 18(4):791-807, 2002 Fall.

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