Vitamin D

Senior Health.

Clinical Study Title:
Calcium, vitamin D, and nutrition in elderly adults.

Plain English Summary:
For older adults, maintaining health and nutritional levels is extremely important. Keeping a diet that is varied and contains many fruits and vegetables is a good way to do this, but often many deficiencies still exist. Specifically, older adults may be deficient in calcium and vitamin D. Consumption of fortified foods has been shown to help this, but many adults are still deficient. A daily supplement containing both calcium and vitamin D can help to alleviate these deficiencies. Additionally, for adults who are fragile, vitamin D has been found to be a protector against fractures. This supports the daily use of a supplement of vitamin D, especially for older adults.
Nieves JW.
Clinical Research Center, Helen Hayes Hospital
Country of Publication
United States
Clinics in Geriatric Medicine. 19(2):321-35, 2003 May.

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