Vitamin D

Older Women.

Clinical Study Title:
Administration of a supplement containing both calcium and vitamin D is more effective than calcium alone to reduce secondary hyperparathyroidism in postmenopausal women with low 25(OH)vitamin D circulating levels.

Plain English Summary:
The use of calcium to help prevent osteoporosis in older women has been proven to be effective. This study looks at the use of vitamin D in conjunction with calcium compared to the use of calcium alone for post menopausal women. A total of 100 women were included in this study. These women were given either calcium alone or calcium with citric acid and vitamin D for the course of 3 months. Those participants taking the calcium with vitamin D gained more benefit and improved more than those participants who were taking the calcium alone. This suggests that adding a vitamin D supplement to calcium supplementation can provide additional benefit for older women.
Deroisy R. Collette J. Albert A. Jupsin I. Reginster JY.
Bone and Cartilage Metabolism Research Unit
Country of Publication
Aging-Clinical & Experimental Research. 14(1):13-7, 2002 Feb.

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