Vitamin D


Clinical Study Title:
Pharmacokinetics of high-dose oral calcitriol: results from a phase 1 trial of calcitriol and paclitaxel.

Plain English Summary:
This study looked at the dosage tolerance of vitamin D, or calcitrol, for patients with cancer. Participants were given oral supplements of calcitrol, along with paclitaxel given through an IV on a weekly basis. A total of 36 participants were enrolled in this study. At the end of the study, absorption rates from the calcitrol were good, and few side effects were reported. The doses administered were well tolerated, suggesting that the use of calcitrol is an effective and safe supplementation that can have a wide range of benefits for the user.
Muindi JR. Peng Y. Potter DM. Hershberger PA. Tauch JS. Capozzoli MJ. Egorin MJ. Johnson CS. Trump DL.
Center for Clinical Pharmacology and Cancer Institute
Country of Publication
United States
Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics. 72(6):648-59, 2002 Dec.

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