Vitamin E

Cognitive Decline.

Clinical Study Title:
Vitamin E and cognitive decline in older persons.

Plain English Summary:
This study looked at the use of a multivitamin combination of vitamins E, C and carotene on the cognitive functioning in older adults. Almost 3000 older adults were interviewed in this study to determine their vitamin intake. Their cognitive functioning was then measured and monitored over the next year and a half and at three years. Those adults who had higher levels of vitamin E consumption had fewer declines in cognitive functioning over time. This suggests that the use of a vitamin E supplement daily can help to protect against the cognitive decline associated with aging.
Morris MC. Evans DA. Bienias JL. Tangney CC. Wilson RS
Department of Preventive medicine, Rush Institute for Healthy Aging, Rush-Presbyterian-St Luke's Medical Center
Country of Publication
United States
Archives of Neurology. 59(7):1125-32, 2002 Jul.

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