Vitamin E

Sperm Motility.

Clinical Study Title:
Sperm oxidative stress and the effect of an oral vitamin E and selenium supplement on semen quality in infertile men.

Plain English Summary:
In this study, the use of vitamin E and selenium were examined to determine if it has an effect on sperm. A total of 54 men who were infertile participated in this study. They voluntarily gave a sperm sample to be analyzed in this study. Half of the participants were given a daily supplement of vitamin E and selenium, while the other participants were given daily supplements of vitamin B. The study lasted for a total of 3 months. Those participants who were using the vitamin E and selenium supplement had sperm that showed an improvement in motility, while those taking vitamin B did not have this effect. This suggests that the use of vitamin E and selenium can help to improve sperm quality, especially for men who are infertile.
Keskes-Ammar L. Feki-Chakroun N. Rebai T. Sahnoun Z. Ghozzi H. Hammami S. Zghal K. Fki H. Damak J. Bahloul A.
Laboratoire d'Histologie, Faculte de Medecine, Sfax, Tunisie
Country of Publication
Archives of Andrology. 49(2):83-94, 2003 Mar-Apr.

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