Vitamin E


Clinical Study Title:
The effects of endurance exercise and vitamin E on oxidative stress in the elderly.

Plain English Summary:
This study looked at the use of vitamin E supplementation on exercise and oxidative stress for older adults. There were four groups in this study: an exercise group taking daily vitamin E, an exercise group taking a daily placebo, a sedentary group taking daily vitamin E, or a sedentary group taking a placebo. A total of 59 participants were enrolled. At the conclusion of the 4 months, those participants who were exercising and taking the vitamin E supplements faired the best. They improved their fitness level, and lowered their oxidative stress, blood pressure and weight. Those sedentary adults who took the vitamin E supplements also had reduction in their blood pressure and oxidative stress. This suggests that daily vitamin E supplements can help all adults to lower oxidative stress and blood pressures.
Jessup JV. Horne C. Yarandi H. Quindry J.
University of Florida, College of Nursing
Country of Publication
United States
Biological Research for Nursing. 5(1):47-55, 2003 Jul.

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