Vitamin E

Muscle Damage.

Clinical Study Title:
Vitamin E supplementation attenuates leakage of enzymes following 6 successive days of running training.

Plain English Summary:
This study looked at the use of a vitamin E supplement to aid in detecting muscle damage after a distance increase at a running training camp. A total of 14 males who were attending the running training were given either a placebo or a vitamin E supplement. There was an increase in some of the serum enzyme levels after the vitamin E supplements. There also was an increase in those participants who were taking the vitamin E in the protection from muscle damage. This suggests that vitamin E supplements can help to protect against muscle damage after changes in an exercise program, and should be used by all athletes.
Itoh H. Ohkuwa T. Yamazaki Y. Shimoda T. Wakayama A. Tamura S. Yamamoto T. Sato Y. Miyamura M.
Department of General Studies, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan.
Country of Publication
International Journal of Sports Medicine. 21(5):369-74, 2000 Jul.

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