Vitamin E


Clinical Study Title:
Antioxidant supplementation and lung functions among children with asthma exposed to high levels of air pollutants.

Plain English Summary:
In this study, the use of a vitamin E supplement was examined to determine its effect on alleviating negative effects of ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and other massive particles in the air. The participants in this study were children who had been diagnosed with asthma. They were given either a daily supplement of a combination of vitamins E and C or a placebo. The study lasted almost 2 years, and the functioning of the lungs of all children was tested 2 times a week during the study. Those children taking the vitamin supplement had improved lung functioning at the conclusion of ht study. This suggests that the use of a daily vitamin E and C supplement can help to reduce asthma and alleviate the effects of ozone and other harsh air pollutants.
Romieu I. Sienra-Monge JJ. Ramirez-Aguilar M. Tellez-Rojo MM. Moreno-Macias H. Reyes-Ruiz NI. del Rio-Navarro BE. Ruiz-Navarro MX. Hatch G. Slade R. Hernandez-Avila M.
Instituto Nacional de Salud Publica, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.
Country of Publication
United States
American Journal of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine. 166(5):703-9, 2002 Sep 1.

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