Vitamin E

Cholesterol Levels.

Clinical Study Title:
Vitamin E prevents extensive lipid peroxidation in patients with hypertension.

Plain English Summary:
Previous research in animals has suggested that vitamin E can have a positive effect on LDL cholesterol. This study looks at the effect of vitamin E supplements in humans. A total of 47 participants were enrolled in this study. They were given daily supplements of vitamin E and their LDL oxidation lag times were recorded during the study. The results supported the use of a vitamin E supplement to help control LDL cholesterol as well as to help reduce the development of atherogensis. Vitamin E supplementation can have an added protective effect against heart disease.
Brockes C. Buchli C. Locher R. Koch J. Vetter W.
University Hospital, Division of Hypertension, Ramistr
Country of Publication
British Journal of Biomedical Science. 60(1):5-8, 2003.

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