Vitamin K


Clinical Study Title:
Comparison of phylloquinone bioavailability from food sources or a supplement in human subjects.

Plain English Summary:
The absorption of vitamin K from a standard meal was examined in young adults. The absorption from the meal was compared to the vitamin K absorption after a supplement was given. There was a difference in vitamin K absorption from different fruits and vegetables. It was found that larger quantities of spinach were able to be digested for a higher absorption of vitamin K. Most of the green vegetables were able to provide some source of vitamin K. However, a supplement of vitamin K was also easily absorbed and was able to provide more vitamin K.
Garber AK. Binkley NC. Krueger DC. Suttie JW.
Department of Nutritional Sciences, Institute on Aging, and Department of Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Country of Publication
United States
Journal of Nutrition. 129(6):1201-3, 1999 Jun.

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