Vitamin K


Clinical Study Title:
Vitamin K in neonates: how to administer, when and to whom.

Plain English Summary:
The nutritional status of infants and newborns can have major impacts on their health. In particular, vitamin K deficiencies are associated with various problems with bleeding. As a precaution, vitamin K is recommended to be administered to all newborns. However, the route of administration can be dangerous. There is some minimal evidence that an injection of vitamin K may be too much for newborns, and may have unwanted side effects. An oral supplement can be as effective without the side effects, but the supplement should be given over a few days. Newborns who present at a greater risk for hemorrhage disease of newborns may need an injection rather than an oral supplement to ensure that the disease is controlled. Each patient should be examined individually to determine the needed dosage and route, but each newborn should always receive vitamin K supplements in some form.
Autret-Leca E. Jonville-Bera AP.
Department of Clinical Pharmacology, H pital Bretonneau, University Francois Rabelais, Tours, France
Country of Publication
New Zealand
Paediatric Drugs. 3(1):1-8, 2001.

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