Vitamin K


Clinical Study Title:
Improved bone metabolism in female elite athletes after vitamin K supplementation.

Plain English Summary:
Many professional and amateur female athletes are at risk for hypoestrogenism as well as amenorrhea. Additionally, many of these women suffer bone loss. This study looked at the use of vitamin K, which has been found to be beneficial in postmenopausal women, for 8 female athletes. Half of these women reported amenorrhea for over a year, while the other half reported the continued use of birth control pills. All 8 participants were given vitamin K supplements for a month. All participants benefited from the vitamin K supplements. Many participants had an increase in bone formation markers. This suggests that for female athletes, the use of a daily supplement including vitamin K can help to protect against the negative effects of intense exercise.
Craciun AM. Wolf J. Knapen MH. Brouns F. Vermeer C.
Department of Biochemistry and Cardiovascular Research Institute, Maastricht University, The Netherlands.
Country of Publication
International Journal of Sports Medicine. 19(7):479-84, 1998 Oct.

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