Vitamin K

Reduces Warfarin Side Effects.

Clinical Study Title:
Comparing different routes and doses of phytonadione for reversing excessive anticoagulation.

Plain English Summary:
The use of warfarin often causes anticoagulation, and this study looked at the use of vitamin K supplements to alleviate this condition. Various other studies that involved using vitamin K to correct the anticoagulation were reviewed. The various methods were compared to determine which ones were effective. The IV form of vitamin K administration appeared to be the most effective, but in many cases, the treatment was too much, and many adverse reactions occurred. This suggests that the lower dosage of IV and the oral supplements had the most effect with the least amount of adverse reactions. Vitamin K supplements were found to be effective in aiding in reducing the negative effects of warfarin.
Whitling AM. Bussey HI. Lyons RM.
Division of Pharmacotherapy, University of Texas Health Science Center
Country of Publication
United States
Archives of Internal Medicine. 158(19):2136-40, 1998 Oct 26. .

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